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Release 29/02/2024


The Fremont Company appoint Golden Goose to expand Mississippi Barbecue Brand


US Foods Manufacturer The Fremont Company have appointed brand licensing boutique Golden Goose to develop its strategic licensing programme internationally for the Mississippi Barbecue brand..


Founded in 1905 the 4th generation family business the Fremont Company launched the brand into Europe in nearly 15 years ago and it has since become a firm favourite in the German market with multiple brand extensions.


Chris Smith, President of the Fremont Company said “With its unique authentic flavour we know that Mississippi Barbecue has a massive following in Germany, making it the number one sauce brand in Metro, so we’re intrigued to see what brand extensions Golden Goose will bring to market. “  


Adam Bass, Director of Golden Goose added “It’s obvious from the large number of fashion related extensions that consumers have a very deep relationship with their favourite food brands. Mississippi Barbecue has an interesting blend of authenticity and American heritage which makes it a great fit for food and merchandise manufacturers looking to introduce new, on trend, flavours into their product categories”.


Golden Goose already have a number of products in development in the flavoured meat, snacks and BBQ accessories category and interest from several apparel partners

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