Golden Goose

Europe's leading strategic licensing boutique

What we do and why

20 years of experience in 150 words or less...

From the very beginning in 2002, Golden Goose has been a licensing boutique. Rather than representing an ever widening variety of disparate brands, Golden Goose has always grown by delivering for a select and exclusive set of existing clients.

Our team of experienced licensing experts offers the full range of licensing agency services from strategy development/programme management through to licensee sourcing/product development, royalty collections/budgeting and forecasting.

For the past 20 years Golden Goose has built an extensive network of retail and manufacturer connections, gained first hand experience of selling directly to retailers, built an extensive team of licensing experts and represented corporate clients from across the retail spectrum. 

Our core values are:

Connected: Trusted to deliver on our word 

Learning: Committed to continuously learning about Branding, Retail and NPD

Action: Successful marketeers who will do whatever it takes

Partnership: Managing alignment between licensor and licensee

Share: Sharing risk and reward with our clients and connections



Our Services

Our close knit team of sector-leading experts can help brands with first-time licensing or inject energy into current licensing plans. Services include: 

- Licensing Viability Assessment

- Licensing Strategy Development

- Licensing Programme Assessment

Licensee Sourcing and Management

- Marketing Plans

New Product Development

- Style guide Development

- Royalty Collections

- Royalty Auditing

- Licensing Administration

- Trademark Registration


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