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Partnership: Title Contenders

From news stand to rowing machines and mattresses

Thanks to strong design and editorial values, in-depth coverage, long-lead times and a distinct readership community, brands like Hearst’s Men’s Health and Women’s Health and Bauer’s Mother & Baby have seen competition disappear leaving them clear, authoritative and respected voices in an increasingly crowded and confused market. Whilst the stars of Instagram and YouTube undoubtedly carry great influence, they don’t have the longevity, editorial authority or aspirational quality of leading magazine brands, making it very difficult for them to demonstrate the sort of long-term thinking that leads to licensing success.

Hearst appointed Golden Goose in 2013 with Bauer adding to the agency's roster of media brands in 2017. In both cases the brief was to realise the value of these powerful media brands in new categories and to generate long-term sustainable revenue.

As we licensed into categories such as frozen ready meals, gym equipment, apparel, mattresses, vitamins, supplements and many, many more, the importance of PARTNERSHIP as a core value became ever more apparent.

Magazines know how to build a media package for advertisers so our role as licensing agent has been to ensure licensees receive the correct allocation of consumer insight, product development, editorial and advertising. For example:

Mother & Baby Mattresses: a library of consumer insight helped to drive the development of an extensive range with price points from £60 all the way up to £270.

Men’s Health vitamins range: launched in every multiple UK retailer with TV advertising and a high profile media launch and included on pack sampling and header boards on news stands.

Men’s Health and Women’s Health Fitness Equipment: continuous ongoing editorial, advertorial and content generation for this complete fitness equipment range

The future of magazine licensing

Magazines were the original lifestyle influencer brands curating independent, great looking content to a distinct audience looking to make purchasing decisions. As social media's influence grows, magazines will adapt to leverage their core skills whilst continuing to sustain their long-term brand equity. We are working in partnership with our media clients to help realise this vision. 

Men's Health Fitness range:

Men's Health German range:

Mother & Baby Mattresses