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Action: Making it happen

Prioritising the priorities

Golden Goose is a business that makes business happen: our job is to add new branded products to to our clients’ portfolio and revenue to their bottom line. Our team is fully motivated to go beyond ‘soft work’ and make sure that every conversation counts.

The core value of ACTION reminds us to look up from the urgent task at the top of the email inbox or the end of a meeting to ask the question: “What is it that we’re not doing that we should be doing?” or “What danger haven’t we anticipated?” or “How could what we’re doing be improved?” or “How might this project fail?” Because our clients don’t have time to think about the implications of something that might happen in 12-18 months, we take action that prevents problems becoming crises, and ensures opportunities become realities.

This means, for example, regularly holding licensee forums and workshops to discuss issues that need resolving with a licensing programme; ensuring that licensee marketing features as part of general marketing; exploring joint sales opportunities for licensees to pitch retailers together; and aligning licensing with the core business so that licensees feel part of their licensor’s programme. 


RAC Stand at Spring Fair: in response to requests from licensees, we co-ordinated multiple licensees exhibiting under one brand at Spring Fair, The UK's biggest trade show

Oasis eyewear: Photography to promote the Oasis range of eyewear developed as part of an Oasis fashionshoot.  

Men's Health Editorial: run of page editorial featuring the Men's Health range of fitness equipment. 

To ensure the long-term success of a licensing programme requires continually staving off failure and ensuring licensees are aligned with the goals of the core brand. Our core value of ACTION reminds us to continually ask the question "what needs to be done?" whilst ensuring that the key steps required are then taken to achieve the overall strategy. 

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