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Connecting the dots

The core value of being CONNECTED means understanding that: what we do; who we are; how we work; all relate back to our core goal of “creating licensed products that enhance our clients core business” that has been the focus ever since Golden Goose was founded in 2002.

Connected (increasingly important in a post-covid world) sums up how we:

Build meaningful, long-lasting relationships

Strengthen our clients' brands with licensed products

Align our success with our client’s success

For example: the commemorative range of St. Pancras Moorcroft pottery celebrating the  iconic station's 150th anniversary and its connections to Stoke on Trent can be traced back to a relationship built working with Moorcroft on the RSPB range of ceramics. 


Similarly, our relationship with McBride – one the UK’s leading suppliers of private label toiletries – helped to take the Oasis fashion brand into the differentiatiing Fabric Conditioner category in Sainsburys, at a time when all other fashion brands were following the traditional lifestyle licensing route.

Over the past 20 years we have built a fantastic network of business connections at large manufacturers and retailers but we are always looking to make new contacts to develop more commercial opportunities, giving our client brands the best chance of realising their potential in a commercially viable category.  

If you’d like to know more about licensing, join our 15,000 strong Linkedin Group  Brand Licensing Contacts, or get in touch, we are always open to new connections