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Learning: Walking the Walk

From Brandowner to Retailer

The essential steps of successful licensing are LEARNING what makes:

  • a client's brand licensable
  • a manufacturer or a retailer become a good licensee
  • a consumer buy a new branded product 

Continually learning these three essential lessons over the past 17 years at Golden Goose has led to representation and consultancy for clients in sectors such as Music (Blue Note), Tourism (St. Pancras Station) Catering (Harry Ramsdens), Charity (RSPB), Automotive and DIY products (RAC), Fitness and Nutrition (Men’s Health), Fashion (Oasis), FMCG (Del Monte), Maternity (Mother & Baby) and Entertainment (Shepperton Design Studios). In addition to the nuances of these different sectors, category insights were gained from launching licensed product extensions into home appliances, chilled, ambient and frozen packaged foods (savoury and confectionery), toiletries, tools, eyewear, apparel, homewares, furniture, fabrics, fragrance, alcohol and many more. Taking the learning one step further, Golden Goose became a brandowner creating and registering a trademark and supplying supermarkets with products directly: Providence Deli has a range of ambient and chilled products in Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsburys and finally, to close the circle, we operated a retail outlet: the Original Stormtrooper Pop-up Shop opened in Boxpark in 2019 and will reopen in 2020.


Original Stormtrooper Pop up Shop: for one week in Shoreditch,  marketed, managed and operated a retail outlet selling client's licensed products whilst experiencing the constant and addictive buzz of retail. 

Providence Deli: developed and launched a brand into multiple retail. Starting with ambient products but now active in the challenging food to go category. 

Harry Ramsden's Deep Fat Fryer: first home appliance developed by Golden Goose, extending Harry Ramsden's out of the World Famous Fish and Chip Shop. 

To successfully develop branded NPD with manufacturers and retailers requires a deep understanding of branding, retail, and the complexities of supply and demand. Because it is a core value, we continually invest in LEARNING, gaining first hand experience into what it takes for new branded products to be a success at retail.

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Original Stormtrooper Pop Up Shop:

Providence Deli