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Sharing: Risk vs reward

budget for failure, legislate for success

Licensing is SHARING in it's purest form. Sharing intellectual property, revenue, risk and revenues. Having run a number of business and seen multiple start ups succeed (and fail) our motto for any new project is 'budget for failure, legislate for success'. This loosely translates into keeping potential losses as low as possible whilst ensuring that, should the good times start rolling, there is nothing in writing that will derail the gravy train. To keep that train on its tracks invested parties who are committed to adding value over the long-term have their rights firmly secured at the beginning, even if (and especially if) there is no revenue for some considerable time. An example of this approach is our insistence on not over licensing a property, and certainly not licensing across existing licensee's rights.  

The more they are shared, the more brand value grows. The same is also true of learnings which is why we make frequent contributions to industry publications such as Licensing Source, Food Ingredients Magazine, Innova and other publications, often featuring research into future opportunities and emerging trends. 

Ultimately though, sharing means doing everything we can to achieve an equitable split of risk and reward so that, when our client's brands are shared with manufacturers,  retailers and consumers, the resulting income doesn't lead to an imbalance or argument, but long-term harmony and mutual benefit.