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The Rocky Horror Show

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Golden Goose appointed to help Rocky Horror show celebrate a licensing timewarp


Global stage and film phenomenon the Rocky Horror Show has appointed Golden Goose to develop an international licensing programme in time to help celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.  Since its debut at the Royalty Court Theatre in London back in 1973, the Rocky Horror show has been ever present on stage and cinema, covering the globe with its infectious concoction of sexual liberation, b-movie pastiche and rock’n’roll,


Andy Leighton, the show’s music publisher said “the original production’s rallying cry of: “Don’t dream it, be it,” helped to build a community of people otherwise excluded from mainstream culture. With continuous revivals of the show across the globe, the movie (the longest running screened production in history) and the 50th anniversary coming up, multiple generations are ready to rediscover the wonderfully liberating effect of the Rocky Horror Show. We are very excited to see where Golden Goose take us on our licensing journey and can’t wait to get started.”

Adam Bass, Director of Golden Goose said “with the show’s message of liberation now effectively having been delivered, The Rocky Horror Show is set to stand out on shelf as a fun, socially relevant, multigenerational brand, that also features transexual aliens. “

You can read more about the Rocky Horror licensing programme on the link below


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