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  • According to WGSN, The first digital natives want "healthy, sustainable food that is as diverse as they are, to share IRL and online". In other words, for Gen Z, food is content for their feed and their feed is full of food content.
  • With online's potentially limitless SKU count, the only bar to products reaching consumers is their findability and the economics of supply, rather than the physical dimensions of a shelf in a chiller cabinet. This is leading to a revolution in food innovation.
  • What happens when you cross a pizza with a quesadilla, a doughnut with a croissant, or a brownie with a cookie? You get pizzadilla, cronuts, and brookies. All of these mad hybrids have driven viral internet spikes and massive engagement and interest across mainstream news channels. According to Tom Jackson, co-head at Twisted, the media channel credited with inventing the pizzadilla “All of our recipes are slightly outlandish in one way or another”, and when you look at other recipes that feature a Giant Jalapeno Popper Chicken Burger and a Sloppy Joe Cheesesteak Pizza Volcano, he is not exaggerating. There is a growing recipe video industry with much of the funding coming from ingredient brands looking to start these viral trends.
  • With the UK governments focus on health forcing a ban on any high fat, salt or sugar products advertising before 9pm to an ever declining audience, you can expect more and more manic attempts at disruption from your favourite brands, because even if you might not eat the fabulous invention on instagram, you still sit up, take notice, and share regardless of nutritional values.
  • The newest kids on the block want to eat what they see on social media, and they want to put on social media whatever they eat
  • Overall retail sales grew by £9BN in 2020 with four of the top 10 fastest growing categories being alcohol. The meat free category added £118M
  • Online sales increased to 11.5% of all sales which 'likely' widened the gap between brands and own-label.  Own label achieved just half the growth of brands (12%).
  • According to the Grocer "line extensions into booming markets have advanced at warp speed [...] shoppers want differentiation; they want newness, innovation, trial and discovery. With online growing, that's only going to amplify.
  • According to Facebook IQ, food and drink is UK Instagram’s most popular topic: 39% of users consider themselves “food aficionados”



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