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  • According to WGSN, The first digital natives want "healthy, sustainable food that is as diverse as they are, to share IRL and online". In other words, for Gen Z, food is content for their feed and their feed is full of food content.
  • According to Facebook IQ, food and drink is UK Instagram’s most popular topic: 39% of users consider themselves “food aficionados”
  • In September 2022 Aldi overtook Morrisons to become the fourth largest grocery retailer in the UK.
  • Skimpflation (choosing lower-priced products over quality) is set to remain a key trend influencing purchasing habits in 2023. Clive Black Head of Research at UK-based Shore Capital markets said “we’re looking at a 5-9% switch out from proprietary brands in private label in mass markets.” The top tier of retailer’s private labels are growing in popularity.
  • The Mintel Trend of ‘Intentional Spending’ suggests factors like flexibility, durability and sustainability will play increasingly important roles in consumers’ value equation. Over the next 5 years it will be increasingly obvious that what people wear, eat and drive won’t just signal status, but will be a detailed account of their attitudes and beliefs. 
  • 16% of all new beer launches made claims about sustainability on pack in 2022
  • 16% of consumers identifying as flexitarians, 2% as vegetarian and 1-2% who identify as vegan.  So close to 20% of the population are open to the meat and dairy replacement category
  • Mintel notes in its ‘Power to the People’ trend, Brands have to make room for a new ‘C’ in their C-suite: consumers.




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