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Honouring history

  • Faced with increasing commercialisation of globally available products consumers are looking for brands that have relevance and authenticity.  In particular, with quality standards now expected as the norm, authenticity has overtaken quality as the prevailing purchasing criterion. 
  • willingness to investigate, combined with the ease of doing so, means that Gen-Z will likely value transparency even more than current adults
  • Authenticity consists of: heritage and pedigree, stylistic consistency, quality commitments, relationship to place, method of production and confident salesmanship. 
  • Consumers that value authenticity spend more time and energy researching product background and refuse to consume imitation goods
  • 2020 saw a boom in home improvements as Britons spruced up their indoor and outdoor living spaces. After non-essential shops reopened in June, spending at home improvement & DIY stores surged, driving an overall growth of 9.8% year-on-year. Furniture stores also enjoyed an overall uplift of 5.3%, as shoppers invested in big-ticket purchases. source


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