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Growing Categories

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According to the Grocer's Top Products survey 2023, these are the fastest growing categories by volume sales.

  • Vaping (+108.4%) The category has more than doubled in value and volumes.
  • Nicotine replacement (+19.7%) Nicotine replacement products have shifted an extra 6.6 million packs
  • Dried herbs & spices (+7.4%) an extra 828 thousand KG of sales
  • Cosmetics (+6.5%) Affordable lines with a high end feel are the chief beneficiaries
  • Sports & Energy Drinks (+6.4%) an extra 81.4M Litres
  • Cold & Flu remedies (+4.9%) 9.6M extra packs
  • Paediatric Analgesics (+3.9%) Post covid kids are perhaps more susceptible to sore throats
  • Female skincare (+3.8%) #budgetbeauty sold an extra 5.1M packs
  • Frozen Ready Meals (+3.3%) restaurant-style dishes are now the norm
  • Flour (+3.1%) Amateur bakers with an eye on budget 




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